Monday, July 6, 2015


i'm not going to write you an essay today but rather just share some photo's and a video clip from your birthday. we didn't make a trip to jhb this year but rather chose to spend your special day at home, which turned out grand because you were quite sick. we made decorations, confetti, baked a cake, wrapped your pressies and set it all up for you before we went to bed the night before so that when you woke your brain would explode with birthday awesome! and, that it did. you walked out the bedroom and went "wwwoooowwww" in whispered amazement. it was so so rad. you opened your pressies, played with them a bit and then we feasted on cake for breakfast. you're favorite part was definitely the giant balloon. it was a good day. happy birthday baby lila bear. we love you sweet girl. forever.

 photo 7_zpsdmlanowp.png

we pimped your trike. papa lovingly sanded it down, re-sprayed it white and added some black and white ribbon tassels to the handles. turned out kinda rad, no?

 photo 9_zpssgbfi9lw.png

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