Tuesday, June 24, 2014

dear one year old lila bear

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dear one year old lila bear, i didn't get to writing you a letter as i always do when we reach a milestone so i'm doing it now, ten whole days late! naughty mommy. i know you will forgive me because we've just settled back into some semblance of a routine after our very short but exceptionally busy trip to jozi-town for your first birthday party.

my little love, as you grow so does the love i have for you. if you told me when you were born that i would love you even more than i did then i would have told you to "shut-up!". but it's true. you just get sweeter and braver and more adventurous, inquisitive, expressive and oh so entertaining. we could sell tickets to the lila bear show and be sold out every night.

you have eight teeth, which you love to show off by tipping your head back, squeezing your eyes closed, scrunching up your teeny nose and smiling your biggest, cheekiest smile - as seen in the picture above. it's quite glorious really.

you just started walking. you had been practicing all of your birthday weekend which resulted in two lovely purple bruises on your sweet little face. you took your first non-falling-totally-balanced-steps at your nani and oupa's house the night before we left to come home. i'm so happy that you gave them that special gift because they don't get many special moments with us living so far away. you now penguin walk about the house and it's wonderful!! such a clever little tot.

now that you can stand you shake-shake-shake that sweet little boodie! it's freaking aaaaaasem!

we visited angie the next day at wolves because we were told, in no uncertain terms, that if we left jo'burg without her meeting you we would be in huge trouble. angie has always been one of your biggest fans and said to me that you needed to "win an award or something" for being so darn cute. well ain't it the truth! it was so great to eat some dumplings, twice fried beef and have a good old catch up! angie is pregnant with her first baby and had so many questions. we chatted and ate while garrels ran around after you. boy you're a busy little person and it is impossible for us to sit down and have a meal in peace. one of us always has to be on "patrol". anyway we wish you guys all the very best for the arrival of baby shangie tobias! you're going to be incredible parents!

you adore you nana! you become quite shy when going to new places and meeting "new" faces but not at your nana's. you were out of that little shell the moment we entered the house. i actually think you kinda remember her because it was such a seamless transition for you. i also think little poppet (nana's jack russel) helped an awful lot. you two are obsessed with one another and i was really excited for this trip because i knew there would be a little dogie that would love and play with you. our first few minutes at nana's you had crawled into the entrance hall and sat on the rug, little poppet got the total zoomies (you know when dogs get the wind up their bums and race about like crazy little creatures?)! from the lounge through the entrance hall to the dinning room and back she went. a bazillion times. you fell about with the hysterical laughter as she passed you each time. instant friends! you would hold her ball and offer it to her then hug it to your belly as she came for it (little tease) resulting in more hysterical laughter. you two even engaged in a little game of tug of war when poppet would try pull your shoosha (pacifier) out your mouth! pretty heart warming stuff. i wish we had a poppet at home for you... one day.

you've been able to say "mama", "dada" and "baba" for a while now but you didn't actually know what they meant. i am so thrilled to report that your first official (official in the sense that you fully understand what you you are saying) word is "ma" and that's meee! woooohoooo! haha! can't tell you how chuffed i am about that. it feels like a victory. every time i wander past you and you want my attention you say "ma". it's so grand. your latest word is "no". you fully understand this one too. and so you should because we say it to you often enough. we were sitting on sunday morning, watching mary poppins (you absolute favorite movie) and i offered you some more tea, to which you matter-a-factly replied "no" shaking your head at the same time. well, i couldn't get enough of that so i probably spent a good hour offering you "more tea"... silly mama.

what else, oh! papa is your absolute favorite. when i say that, i mean it. the poor dude can't even get home and change into his comfies without you kicking up a fuss. the minute you hear his voice you go berserk. the other evening i was giving you a bath when he got home and popped his head in the door to say hello. let me give you some context here, bathing is your "piggie-in-pooh". true story. there is nothing you love to do more than bath. you'd play for hours if we let you and getting you out is always a fight. so, papa popped his head round the corner and said hey and that was it, you would have no more of splish-splashing. no siree, mmm-mmm! you stood up, held your hands out to him and screamed your head off. i think he finds it a bit exhausting because you won't even let him pee on his own. if he hasn't managed to sneak past you, you beetle off after him moaning until he picks you up.

you're new little game is teasing people. you will offer to give something to someone and as soon as that person reaches out for the item in hand, you snatch it away and hug whatever you're holding to your belly and giggle. cheeky!

you're brave. too brave. i think most moms will say that about their one year olds because it's how you learn. you have to be brave and have no concept of fear in order to attempt to sit, crawl, stand, walk. if i hold your hand while we walk somewhere you often end up trying to run. little person, you haven't even master walking yet, can we slow it down a tad? i can just hear you saying "no!" in my head when i ask that question - haha!

well little love. i adore you. keep on being awesome, now see?


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