Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i want to remember...

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i want to remember eleven months old. it's the last month you will be merely months old. in exactly twenty four days you will be one! one whole year will have passed gifting us 365 days of you! god i love you little girl. i know i tell you about five hundred times a day but it’s the truth. i want you to know it and feel it every minute that passes, i want you to believe it and let it wraps its arms around you and envelope you in it’s soft velvety embrace. my world starts and ends with you and your papa. and although i feel like pressing pause and linger just a little longer right here where we are at this present moment, i cannot wait to bear witness to the little toddler you will grow to be... here are the thing’s i want to remember about eleven months old; clicking you tongue, which has come and gone but was super cute while it lasted. when the bass drops you can’t help but move, sometimes we let go and crazy dance, waving our hands about and shaking our heads. you high fived everyone at the i heart market who asked. you wave goodbye at the mere mention of the word. so very almost walking. you've taken a few hands free steps from the table to me or the couch and have finally given up on tiptoes. yesterday you let go of the couch for about three seconds of intense hand-waving story telling. you still fall a lot and got your first real live bruise/egg on you forehead. we spotted not two but FOUR top teeth pushing through… no wonder you we so very cranky and ill the past month. you have discovered the windowsill behind our bed, you love nothing more than to stand and chatter to the world beyond. you adore zamile! which makes me jealous on one level but so exceptionally happy that we found someone as wonderful as she is, she loves you too, very much. often she will text me out of the blue when she’s not with us just to check up on you and see how you are doing. oh my gosh baby, you sing! it’s the sweetest thing. i will sing a song and you listen carefully then chime in in your soft baby words. let’s sing together forever, k! you unpack the dvds daily. reading your texture books is still pretty high up on your list of favorite things to do. peek-a-boo is the most exciting game! i hide behind the wall and call "lila where are you?" and you squeak and giggle, crawling frantically to find me, then i jump out and say "there you are!' and you race crawl, shrieking the whole time, trying in vain to escape mama's tickling fingers. bath time is papa time. he fills the bath right to your shoulders, you sit between his legs with your legs propped up on the side of the bath and your head resting on his knee, the picture of relaxation... oh my glob, i melt! you would quite happily live there and getting you out is always a battle. i am, and believe i will always be, in awe of you. and it's not just me little homie, it's everyone who lays eyes one you. we get complimented and told daily how beautiful you are and how you are peoples favorite insta-baby. the world is not immune to this magic wield my little gemini snake, "qualified for true greatness..." suzanne whites (my fav astrologer) most accurate description of you. well, yes, suzanne, i couldn't agree more.  

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  1. My heart! How absolutely lucky this little girl is to have a mama that has this amount of endless love for her.

    1. it's what mamas do, isn't it mama Mel?