Thursday, April 17, 2014

ten months old

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...and you know what you want and exactly how to get it. Your top two teeth have just popped out, understandably, you've been rather moody and clingy. You only want to be in your mama’s arms which is exhausting but so awesome at the same time because you’re not normally a snuggle bug. I cherrish those moments where you fall asleep in my arms or rest your head on my chest for a few moments, they don't happen often but when they do my baby girl, I feel so utterly full... Full of love, full of life, full of blessings, full as in there is zero missing in my life. It does hurt your papa’s feelings when he comes to get you and you cling to me for dear life and cry. Give the dude a break, he’s you’re biggest fan! You’re crawling! Woohoo! Kinda… those darn wooden floors are a right hindrance because you can’t get any grip and slip and slide all over the show. Even though you have a rubber mat, you quickly scoot off of it and onto the slippy floor resulting in a great deal of frustration. Because of this, I think you will be walking quite soon. You pull yourself up on everything and fall down a lot. So many bumped heads. You bashed your top gum on the side of mama’s bed the other day and you already sensitive sore gums bled a little. Can I just say, seeing your baby bleed is one of the worst things EVER! Poor little Nu, such a frustrating time. Yesterday we were playing by the TV unit, you were standing on my leg and playing with all the odds and ends in the shelves. Then you reached for the TV and I said "NO" which you promptly turned you face to me smiled, leaned into me and opened your mouth for kisses. Of course I obliged, what person could say no to that kinda cuteness. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Eliciting lovely little cheeky giggles, like you had me exactly where you wanted me. Then that little hand reached for the TV again. "NO." I said. And so the game continued...

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Your favorite toy is your textures book, you make a beeline for it whenever we sit down to play, grab it and climb into my lap so I can read it to you once over, you touching and rubbing all the textures as we go, then you page back and forth and back and forth through the pages about 20 times before your discard it. It’s so lovely and I really do hope that you inherit my great love of reading. You also really dig your Cheeky Monkey, I make him sing and dance and you shriek with joy and little giggles then grab him and hug him so tightly to your little body. Bless. Some latest little quirks are sticking your tongue out ever so gingerly to taste the first bite of every meal, if you approve you open wide. You form your mouth into the a little “O” and go “WHOOOO” at everything. You also whisper whistle and when you get a real whistle you look up in total surprise, like “where the hell did that come from”! It's pretty funny. Oh and you click your tongue all the time. Practicing little equestrian? Here’s hoping. You sleep so well BUT only in our bed… this leaves mama and papa with very stiff necks. You wriggle and worm and kick me in the face a lot but when you roll into me for a cuddle it makes it all so worth it. When papa was away last weekend we had the bed all to ourselves. At about 3AM you woke and decide it was time to play, climbing all over me and "WHOO-ing" and clicking that tongue. I just ignore you and drifted off to sleep. I woke about five minutes later and found you in a sitting position but with your face between you knees - PASSED OUT! I had a good chuckle. We are however researching Sleep Training for when those gums aren't sore anymore, then it’s in your bed little madam. Fingers crossed. Your favorite foods are salami, pears, carrots, yoghurt and BILTONG! Gosh, a stick of biltong keeps you occupied for ages! All I can say my baby is keep the cuteness coming! I adore every minute of every hour of everyday I get to spend with you. We love you fancy face.


  1. Beautifully written! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank Riette! And thanks for reading :) Have a wonderful long weekend ♥