Tuesday, February 4, 2014

write it down. remember. (her first two weeks)

although i do not believe i will ever forget. especially how tiny you were. this is me attempting to get back into regular posting so i can remember the little things. the photo below was taken the morning after our first night home. the original & her sister make me laugh so hard because it is nothing like the soft beautiful adorableness you see before your eyes. no. your fathers eyes are all black shadows that scream of the anxiety filled one hour of sleep that all new mama and papas live through their first night home. alone. what did we get ourselves into??? aaahahaha! let's just say we were afraid. the amazing thing is how easyly you find your feet, not that it feels like it at all. photo 1_zpsf4593cd8.jpg your dad climbing the steps to our home with you for the very first time. you at one week old after your very first bath at home.captioned "my heart ♥"  those words awaken the memory of how i felt. i was so very full and happy. photo 2_zps8353b81b.jpg you. congratulations on your arrival. mama bear in awe of her baby bear.  photo 3_zpsef61e3c8.jpg sleeping at stu's while we visited your nan and the view from the balcony.  photo 4_zps7cf67d83.jpg two whole weeks old! you slept a lot. i know that i learned a valued lesson about nipple cream this week. an excruciating lesson. please new moms, don not apply regularly! all you do is set yourself up for very soft and exceptionally sensitive nips, you have to toughen those bad boys up. worst day and a half of my life. photo 5_zps4cd880d3.jpg
we did a little diy newborn shoot. it was fun and we got some nice family photos out of it. you were (as always) exceptionally well behaved. you peed on me only once and slept through most of it. even a few outfit changes. oh how things have changed... we were actually watching videos of you when you were this new the other night and were laughing at ourselves for being so neurotic! we were all "hold still baby!" baby that literally moved in slow motion... ahahaha! if only us then could see us now. pros my little homie. pros. photo 6_zps373cda7a.jpg  photo 7_zpscac4308b.jpg  photo 8_zpsc8efb22a.jpg

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