Tuesday, June 11, 2013

twenty nine weeks

and boy am i thankful for this half day job. i get to come home and nap every afternoon. a solid two hours. you're all looking at me with raised eyebrows going "two hours? big deal lady!" let me just say that the only problem i have with being pregnant is the constant waking up at night for either a trip to the loo to urgently wee my five drips or to turn over and try find a comfy position with my husband lying next to me. those two solid hours of having the bed to myself, save this preggers right here. a girl who, pre-pregnancy, could sleep anywhere, anytime, no problemo! who could not function correctly with out her solid 8 - 10 hours a night. my reasoning is that this is good old mother natures way of prepping me for those night time feeds and nappy changes. sometimes i let coco snuggle in with me, not that she ever stays long. hyper active dog ♥  photo 43_zpsd4cece56.jpg  photo 44_zps9b646b1b.jpg

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