Tuesday, June 11, 2013

thirty, thirty one! and she loves to move!

we got to see her little face! thirty weeks and already so darn cute. i got my mama to send me a photo of my-newborn-self and i recon she will be a little me with garys colouring. we'll see.
 photo 54_zpsfe3ccace.jpg dresses are a staple go to at this stage. no waist bands. so comfy. always looks good. dresses and some comfy flat shoes. kim kardashian is insane! no wonder you're hatting pregnancy lady. embrace the changing body. nurture it. don't fight the huge ankles and swelling everything. be comfortable.  photo 45_zpsece53318.jpg tiny pink icing chucks from the baby shower cake. how adorable?  photo 46_zps0d4b5cba.jpg oh boy and does she only! it's one of the best feelings in the world. i'm never really alone, always have a little kick or punch to remind me. and watching you roll around in there after i've had some fruit is very entertaining. i never get tired of it.

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