Thursday, June 13, 2013

thirty seven weeks & are you kidding me???

oh yes m'dears, he did it again! couldn't wait just 10 minutes for me to pack the shopping away. no, no, he had to make the bed by himself...  photo 62_zps19dc9c18.jpg and the motion popped the first screw on his first fracture. so back to hospital on monday morning for another operation to add another plate and screws. instead of being two weeks into the healing process, he went ahead and pressed the reset button... back to square one. oh happy day. men! why can't you just listen and learn some patience? i hurt you real bad in my minds eye gary. and i wont be sorry for it ; )  photo 63_zps125f5c85.jpg  photo 2-12_zps0a11f838.jpg

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