Wednesday, June 12, 2013

thirty five weeks & i blame the x-games!

the thirty five week bump. little did i know that that very evening, on stepping out of the shower, i would receive a phone call from my husband saying please could i come and fetch him, he had fallen off of his bicycle and had hurt his shoulder pretty badly... my very sick and twisted sense of humor stepped in then, throwing images around my brain of old garrels whipping out. i rushed to get dressed, giggling the whole time, having absolutely no idea of how bad it actually was. i hopped into the car and headed to the shop, he had literally just popped down the road to get a chocolate. when i saw his face i knew it was bad. didn't stop the giggles, oh nooo, on the realization that it was hospital time they intensified a bazillion times! infact, at one point he asked me to leave the room... who laughs at their husbands pale-in-absolute-pain & agony face? this is me, in situations of great worry or stress i either laugh or cry - hysterically! flip, i felt bad. i asked him what happened? he said he was going down the hill and when the pavement dipped into a driveway, the front tire turned suddenly and he went straight over the handle bars. i asked if he was going fast? he said with a sheepish grin, "quite fast... i was channeling my inner travis pastrana". i blame the x-games! and boys will always be boys. of course. photo 57_zps608a3116.jpgwe headed to the emergency room, had x-rays, found he had severely broken his collar bone in two places, broken four ribs and had a minor puncture to his left lung... photo 58_zps4216766f.jpg he was admitted & the next afternoon went in for surgery, where they put in a plate and screws to hold his collar bone together.  photo 59_zps44b7c516.jpg perfect timing, no? baby arrives in 3 weeks. no back rubs. no foot rubs. just the helpless trying to help the helpless really. it's actually rather funny, us two, the invalid and the heavily pregnant, grunting and moaning as we try get out of bed. but you know what? it coulda been a hell of a lot worse... he fell on the pavement (thank heavens) of an exceptionally busy road. i shudder to think and am just thankful i have him sleeping next to me and that his injuries are not life threatening. i am also so thankful that we have each other. who would pull your pants up harry? haha : D

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