Monday, June 10, 2013

scuba flow & the sea ponies

1. lola adores the pool step! her triumphant face every time she gets in on her own... melt! just look at her with the goggles on.. haha, scuba flow to the rescue!!! 2. we seriously landed with our behinds in the butter here in good old durbs, i found an amazing half day job doing the maintenance planning for a helicopter maintenance organization literally on the beach and 2km from home... while pregnant! where in the world does that ever happen? the people here are so, so amazingly nice and super-duper-uber chilled out & laid back. no body fusses the small stuff. i'm telling you, i was made for this city. in my first week i got to take my very first helicopter ride up the coast to the umhalanga light house. my entire family is in aviation and flying is nothing new to me, i've flown in really light aircraft, vintage aircraft, private jets, real work horses but this was so so cool! if you every get the opportunity, jump right in! 3. couldn't resist going back and purchasing the turquoise knock-off baby chucks for our little bear. 4. radder than rad sea horses at the ushaka marine world behind the scenes tour. my dad is a marine fanatic! he took ga along to the clubs marine night and they got a full on behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. ga said it was awesome, they even had a fish hospital! photo 24-1_zps8b633b86.jpg

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