Friday, June 14, 2013

just the two of us... no for long!

it's a sad thought, a matter of hours before it's no longer just him and me. it's the closing of a most awesome chapter in our lives... for over ten years we have been this inseparable couple and in mere hours we will be forever responsible for the raising and shaping of another little being, mind, soul... can you say exploding brains all over the monitor? every decision made will be done with her in mind. don't get me wrong, i'm dead excited and have been waiting my whole life to be a mama. a mama to gary, my best friend, my lover, my home, my husbands' baby. i love you harry! something crazy. you're going to be an amazing father and i'm not just saying that because i adore you. i love that you will be our babies best friend because you're a great big kid yourself. i love the way your face lights up when we walk into a toy store and the way you drag me around each isle to point out all the "flippen aaahhhsem toys" you're gonna buy you're little girl. even the barbies. i love that you work so hard and have accomplished so much in your short working career (before your 30th birthday!) to provide for me and enable my my biggest dream in life, to become a mama. i am so crazy proud of you! and am honored to have been the woman you chose to fall in love with, marry & now grow your/our little person. she's gonna be awesome! here's to three my handsome ♥ today is the day we meet our little creation! how flippen exciting?!  photo 1-11_zps98849d77.jpg

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