Tuesday, June 11, 2013


going to the beach is always a treat. and boy do they know it. as soon as we bring out their harnesses and leads it's pandamonium! we have to watch sweetpea like a hawke because she is deaf and will just adopt other people and follow them off down the beach. she wont come when you call her because, obvioulsy, she can't hear anymore. so off goes preggers at her fastest waddle, after her speeding old jackrussel, trying to shout down that rugger player on his afternoon beach run... a handful to say the least. this is why we have decide to only take two dogs at a time. way less stressful.  photo 15_zpsb0c5f5f4.jpg  photo 16_zps7337698e.jpg  photo 17_zps7cdff7e8.jpg

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