Thursday, February 14, 2013

life lately according to instagram

happy valentines day beautiful people! i hope you're all feeling the love today. i'm in great spirits  because in an hour and a half i'm heading to the airport to fetch my mama and baby brother who are here for a visit. mama gets to see her grandchild tomorrow, we're having another scan. on saturday we are heading to the i ♥ market to do some shopping! sunday is reserved for the waterpark. oooo fun in the sun! we've been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. re-decorating, settling in and exploring. here are a few snaps from life lately.  photo 1-11_zpsa6597545.jpg photo 4-7_zps5a3fff87.jpg  photo 2-12_zps66a81b99.jpg  photo 3-10_zps774672ea.jpg  photo 5-7_zps65e54c61.jpg  photo 6-4_zpsdbf7055c.jpg

one; a print from uncle kyle for the baby, morning snuggles and bobby
two; painting our dresser (which i'm currently stripping and re-doing...), white roses and a sneak peek at our room.
three; morning beach walking and breakfast with my handsome love
four; watermelon slushy, ci gusta gelato and a bowl of ice cold watermelon
five; bumgenius newborn cloth diapers, 21 week bump and mini chuck knock-offs
six; roses from my valentine, hydrangeas fresh from the garden and a frangipani heart for my handsome.

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