Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the bay of plenty

yesterday i accompanied my papa, gary and brother kyle to the beachfront to snap a few pics of them enjoying their new favorite pastime. my dad is an old school skater and as soon as we arrived here, gary with his long board, they head out so my dad could see if he still had it and if it was worth getting himself a board... needless to say he arrived home that very afternoon a shiny new long board. gary and my dad have sparked a bit of a bro-mance and it really is the cutest thing. they are inseparable, spending every weekend skating or diy'ing. it's awesome! it was rather something watching my dad skate, rocking out and teaching the boys a thing or two about vintage style, riding the quarter pipe, pulling 360ies & doing handstands. kyle was trying his hand for the first time and he seems to be a natural! once i've had the baby, i am so getting my learning on! this is one of the reasons we moved here, the life style it affords you, spending active, quality time together as a family. durban, we sure do heart you!  photo 1-11_zps6fe12101.jpg  photo 2-12_zps63f3f06b.jpg  photo 3-10_zpsefd527f4.jpg  photo 4-7_zps2a31df3a.jpg  photo 5-7_zps617e57e6.jpg  photo 6-4_zps6b424df3.jpg  photo dad_zpse34d03a3.gif

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