Tuesday, January 29, 2013

our wedding: part two

here are my most treasured photo's from the wedding, the film shots. there is just some unexplainable magic about film. the warmth and emotion it brings to each shot.  photo 1-11_zps8e9eee3e.jpg  photo 2-12_zps2ac23603.jpg  photo 3-10_zps0527272e.jpg  photo 4-7_zpsdf3cef0d.jpg  photo 5-7_zpsa2e268ff.jpg  photo 6-4_zpsa85e66e6.jpg  photo 7-1_zps3aaa51f0.jpg  photo 9_zpsec9d6034.jpg  photo 11_zpsde8ebe90.jpg  photo 12_zps19b03e6e.jpg  photo 10_zps14103f0c.jpg  photo 13_zpsda11c960.jpg  photo 14_zpsb03750ee.jpg  photo 15_zps1074f3ea.jpg  photo 16_zpsc97c4cdb.jpg  photo 17_zps9cd453f4.jpg  photo 18_zps238d55ba.jpg  photo 19_zps099a1131.jpg

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