Tuesday, January 22, 2013

and then there were three

so a while ago i mentioned we had some pretty life changing news... hello little person growing inside my belly!!! how exciting? i, to this day, am unsure of what i want to do with my life but the one thing i have been certain of my entire life is that i want to be a mom. if you know me personally you will know how utterly true this is, my closet friends have nickname me "mama jess" because i mother. gary is over the moon excited and has to kiss my belly everyday when he gets home from work and generally falls asleep with his hand lovingly draped over his baby. he is going to be a fantastic father. kids utterly adore gary because gary is a great big kid himself. this scan was just over a month ago and i am currently 19 weeks. i have been very lucky in that i suffered very little during early pregnancy, sure i woke up exhausted but i only had two whole weeks of morning sickness (helpful tip: ginger anything as long as it has real ginger) which i am so thankful for because two weeks was more than enough, thank you very much. we had a scan last week and know the sex but i will only announce it later when we're a little more sure, it's still early days. i felt the little one dancing around for the first time at midnight on sunday night. i have since been poking my belly trying to get those little legs going again... on another happy note we got our professional wedding photos and i will be posting them super soon.  photo little_zps88571285.jpg

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