Friday, September 7, 2012

spring has sprung

aaah, my season has arrived! sure today is exceptionally cold but it always happens this way; spring teases us with her sultry heat, blooms start to pop up all over and we break out our short sleeves... then it rains washing away all the dust, the wind blows and it get gets super chilly again just one last time. it has been poring down the last couple of days and yesterday mother nature gifted me with a rather spectacular rainbow. i am so happy we can finally say goodbye to dusty, dry, dead winter!!! it's my birthday on the 20th - i am a real spring baby. then in less than a month it's our big day - ga said to me the other day, "we're getting married next month." and i was all "!!!!!". we have some pretty massive news but i will share that after the wedding. cheers to blossoms, rainbows & new adventures! yes. Photobucket

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