Tuesday, March 13, 2012

two door cinema club

as i am sure you all know #5gum brought two door cinema club out to south africa. gary enter both us. the friday they announced who had won tickets, ga had been driving me mad the whole day, "check you email", "have they text you?'... mad! as usual, he called me on his way home from work and was all, "we won! we won!". chuffed to the hills i hung up the phone. 5 secs later a text comes through saying i won a set of double tickets!!! what! no ways! so there i am running around the house screaming "bitches!!! i won! i won!". i called mel and was all, "we r going to watch two door cinema bitches!" now we are both running around scream "woohoo! two door bitches! wooowoo!". we hang up. a minute later mel calls back and is all "i just won double tickets to go see two door cinema!"! aaaahahaha! crazy funny. dudes can i just say that i've seen a bucket load of live shows and boy do these fellas take the cake. dare i say, even better live than on cd? yes. i dare. well organized, we didn't que for the loo or drinks longer than 5 minutes. sure we chose to be further back because lets face it, i am pretty old and grumy and don't fancy being bashed around but we could dance and boy did we only! thank you #5gum for one incredible night. enough jibber jabber, here's a clip i filmed, a moment in time, if you will.

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