Tuesday, March 13, 2012

diy - lacy invitation envelopes

i know most brides to be guard their decor and ideas like a leprechaun does his pot of gold and you all probably think i am a total nutter but my momma always told me that sharing is caring. i don't really mind if someone other bride out there sees this and decided that it's just up her street... good! is what i say. i am glad i could be of service. besides, i sure as hell didn't think these bad boys up, i came upon a very similar idea using square doily's well traveling the intawebs and just tweaked it to suit me and my resources. i have put together a little do-it-yourself tutorial. we decide to use doily's as a recurring theme throughout our wedding decor because they add a lacy feminine touch without the actual expense of lace and they are made from paper so we can recycle them after the wedding. here i have made pretty envelopes for our invitations.
you will need:
♥ a piece of card in the dimensions of your invitation - ours measure 99mm x 210mm (that's 3
per A4 page)
♥ a ruler
♥ a pencil
♥ a pair of scissors
♥ project glue
♥ a paint brush
♥ round doily's - the amount and size you need. i used big ones that are 29cm in diameter. the cheapest i found were from the china mall at 49 bucks per pack of 250.
♥ water colour paint (optional)
♥ a nice pen in the colour of your choice
take one doily. fold it in half one way and them in half the other way so you get a cross running through it. do the same with your invite template. them center the two by lining their crosses up. once you have the invite center in the doily take a ruler and line it up with one side of your invite template and draw a line using your pencil from one side of the doily to the other. do this for all four side of the invite template.
cut out the four little triangle type shapes where the lines overlap.
now you have your doily envelope template. now you can take a few doily's at a time and cut them out in one shot using your template on top as a guide. once you have cut them all out place your invite template in the center of each doily and fold the edges in one buy one.
start with the smaller sides, add a little glue and folded the big bottom one up so it sits on top of the smaller sides. voilĂ ! you have an envelope. i added a little water colour heart on each and the address on top. pretty, no?

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