Thursday, February 2, 2012

for b. part. 1 - arrive in style

so my sister from another mister & childhood friend lives far, far away from me. our only real communication is via facebook and this here sieries will be my way of visualy sharing my inspirations, ideas and dreams with her (and you). i have been collecting these images for years and unfortunately have forgotten their sources. if you see something that is yours please let me know and i will credit. okay lets get to the first part of this series shall we? how gary will arrive... the car. this photo was taken a few years ago at my moms house. that is my youngest brother, daniel, who is now 14 and over 6 foot tall. just a bit of useless info.
in lieu of sources here are some of my favourite sites. for everything wedding head on over to these babies:
wanna do it yourself? can't go wrong over here:
real life awesome blogger weddings:
weddings are a regular feature over here:
el fabulouso sa wedding photographers:
all things handmade:

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